Barokcity Rollerderby was founded in 2007, as the second rollerderby team in Germany. In 2015 the Rollerderby Bundesliga was founded in Germany. Furthermore, BCRD joined the international rollerderby governing body WFTDA (Womans Flat Track Derby Association https://wftda.com/) and after one year of candidacy was recognized as a full member in 2016. We regularly provide players for the national teams.

BCRD is part of the MTV Ludwigsburg sports club as of 03/29/2019:
The MTV Ludwigsburg is the club with the most members in Ludwigsburg and one of the one of the largest sports clubs in Baden-Württemberg. Not dedicated to competitive sports, the MTV sports club creates many new activities for all age offers for all age groups that enjoy exercise.

Homepage: https://mtv-ludwigsburg.de

Barockcity Rollerderby Team


Nr. 777


My interest in Rollerderby started by chance. In 2019, I watched a bout in Karlsruhe with a friend and was so fascinated by this wild, fast, crazy game that I wanted to give it a go myself. I had so much fun trying, that I stuck with it.

I picked my derby name „Trinity“ because of its double meaning. As a believer, the trinity of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit is important to me. And I like the character Trinity from the Matrix movies, because she is a woman who fights for the things that are important to her.

Desperados Chainsaw

Nr. 13


I have been training with BCRD since 2014. At a festival I heard about this sport for the first time. I'm a very excited guy. Rollerderby is like a "reset" button for me because it is very versatile and it offers a balance to my job.

Desperados Chainsaw: the says it all, a Chainsaw always gives full throttle Desperados: is simply a good drink and the number 13 is my lucky number.

Migthy Mimi

Nr. 365


I love this sport. It just trains everything - body and mind in all assets. The worldwide community in which everyone can participate fascinates me. There are no exclusions, anything is possible. I've been there since 2008, initially only as a player today also as a coach. From time to time as non skating offical.

I love the opposites in puns: Mighty stands for Heavy, Big, Mighty What I'm Not at a Height of 1.57m. The Mimi stands for small, anxious, inconspicuous and is at the same time a short form of my real name. The 365 was originally a 36 1/2, by the changes in the rulebook then a 36.5 and then to today's number. 36 1/2 is my shoe size - today the number stands for me as change and consistency – 365 days is a year-every day is a roller derby day.

Bloodred Kelly

Nr. 4


One year after I started roller derby, I joined BCRD. At the beginning it was just possible to train with the Women, if I wanted to play in a Game, I had to go to open scrimmages. If I wanted to play I had to go to open scrimmages. So I decided to join SGMRD. This also led me to play in the German men's national team to this day. BCRD also plays as a mixed team, so it is also possible to play together with the women.

Since I'm able to think i always was a big Hockey geek most of all I`m a big Detroit Red Wings fan since I was born there. I always had a personal hero in my team his name was Leonard Kelly aka Red Kelly. While i was looking for the right name my best friend said why don't you call yourself Bloodred Kelly cause you're already wearing his number on Your pre–Derby Jerseys. I like playing as a Jammer and still love to go on Track as a Pivot or Blocker, cause making the life of the opposing Jammer to a living hell feels just so good.


Nr. 666


I started in September 2020 with Rollerderby, because it is a sport where I can release all my energy and be more balanced.

CRAZY aZula comes from the series Avatar, in which Azula is an evil princess as well as a very good “warrior”. She is crazy and ambitious that is why I can identify with her.

Mama Platzda

Nr. 271


I watched my first bout in 2014 here in Ludwigsburg and was immediately fascinated by this extraordinary sport. I was thrilled by the atmosphere and energy in the bout location, the teamwork and of course the sensational duels and block actions on the track. I have always loved roller skating and as I get bruises as soon as I look at the edge of a table anyway, I just gave it a try. Rollerderby showed me that you are never too old to learn something new if you really want to.

I chose my derby name myself. Being born in Hamburg I like to listen to local HipHop sometimes and stumbled upon "Mama Platzda" (which roughly translates to “make way”) in a song from the “Beginner” and found the pun very fitting, because I like to jam from time to time ;)

Spacy Tracy

Nr. 35

Brad Hit

Nr. 185

Funny Commander

Nr. 307

Nanny blOGG

Nr. 6


Nr. -


Nr. -

SO (Skating Officals) and NSO (Non Skating Officals)

Desperados Chainsaw

Migthy Mimi

Ghastly Giggler


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